TMJ & Bruxism Resources

I have purchased both of the ebooks outlined below. Here are my thoughts so far:

The Truth About TMJ:
I feel more comfortable implementing the suggestions in this ebook package as it’s written by a TMJ dentist with 15 years experience. By implementing one of the tips in the Bonus Report about Mouthguards, I have had a noticeable decrease in jaw tightness in the morning. (This could be due to my unique set of symptoms which likely differ from yours. I can’t guarantee you’ll experience the same thing.)

TMJ Help:
I haven’t implemented all of the exercises in the TMJ Help ebook yet. While it seems to be thorough in the exercises suggested, I prefer learning from someone with direct patient experience in the field. That’s just me.

The Truth About TMJ ebook coverThe Truth About TMJ ebook package by Dr. Spainhower, a TMJ dentist, teaches bruxism and TMJ sufferers what they need to know to determine the source of their problem and relief their pain and symptoms all in the comfort of their home.

His ebook/audio and video package includes 23 videos outlining exercises to do. There is a bonus report on Mouth Guards as well as 5 videos reviewing 4-8 popular mouthguards and their potential to relief pain long-term for those with bruxism, TMJ, or for those with clicking and popping. One night mouth guard may help those experiencing one set of symptoms but not another!

The TMJ Help Program ebook was written by Katherine Page. After the brief outline of the symptoms and causes of TMJ, the main focus of the ebook is on nutrition, breathing, stretching and strengthening exercises you can implement to combat TMJ.