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OPPERA Study on TMJ Disorders

The OPPERA study on TMJ Disorders is a 7-year, $19.1 million study with an aim to find out who develops TMJ. This may then shed light on the best treatments for the disorder.

A total of 3200 people will be enrolled in the project.

As per their site: OPPERA is an acronym for Orofacial Pain: Prospective Evaluation and Risk Assessment. A Study of Muscle, Joint and Jaw Function.

The four bases of the study are at the:
– University of North Carolina
– University of Maryland
– State University of New York at Buffalo
– University of Florida

The study was announced in 2006. If you’re between the ages 18-44 and interested in the study, you could contact one of the study centers listed on the OPPERA site to see if they’re still looking for participants.

To read about the study visit the OPPERA site at: or The site.